Just when we thought the race was done

I am sure that over the years everyone reading this message will have at some point agreed to take part in something which they probably shouldn’t have – but it seemed like a good idea at the time! When the PGM for Worcestershire, Bob Vaughan explained to me that he had organised a rowing race against the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton, I commented that that was a splendid idea. Sadly, he then asked if Bristol would put a crew in the following year – to which I obviously replied: “of course”. Thinking that it would be a long time coming and I could find an excuse or three by then.

Then Covid arrived and the event was postponed another year. Which brings us on to this summer and largely due to the perseverance of WBro David Davis – the principal architect of this event – we were all set to do battle. Then the end of lockdown was postponed and once again I was off the hook. There is no getting out of it now, however, with a new date set, our crew chomping at the bit – we will just have to go and win it.

Many thanks to Chris and Kath Cook who have organised our training sessions and use of the boat.

One further piece of goods news is that the National Masonic Vehicles Association will be displaying their members’ classic cars at the site, so plenty of fun to be had.


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